Chapter 3 – The Impossible Mission

Chapter No. 003 The Impossible Mission

Outside Novice Village there is a spawn zone for level 1 rabbits, but currently the zone is packed with packs of players. Some parties have even resorted to camping a rabbit spawn point with 5 to 6 players. The moment the rabbit spawns it would be demolished by multiple daggers and elemental orbs.

After squeezing through the crowd for what felt like ages he finally saw a untargeted rabbit. Feng Xiao immediately pounced at it dagger in hand whilst at the same time receiving information from his skill

Rabbit: level 1
– 30 hp
– skills: none.

A violent group of rabbits, be careful of its large carrot

After slashing the rabbit a red -6 appeared over its head. Aggroed the rabbit immediately picked up its large carrot and swung it in Feng Xiao’s direction


Critical hit! Above Feng Xiao’s head appeared the lucky yellow critical number said to happen for each rabbit once every 10000 years, fully depleting his hp bar.(TN: At least this never happens to regular players heh)

“Ding. Player Feng Hun you have been killed, would you like to go back to Novice Village to resurrect? ”

“Revive me……”

Feng Xiao was so depressed he could ram a wall. His ambition is to become the best player in the game yet he was one shotted in his first battle by the weakest mob in the game… … even though it was because his life and defence were too low.

“Fuck, getting killed by a rabbit. How did you do it brother; this little brother really admires you……”

The second before resurrection Feng Xiao heard someone jab at him with that sentence, giving him the urge to go kill himself

With a flash of white light, Feng Xiao’s depressed face reappeared in Novice Village. “Seems like mob grinding isn’t an option, can’t afford to ruin my reputation, guess i’ll just stick to quests.”

There were only a few houses in Novice Village. NPC’s were scarce too, and at the moment almost all of them were surrounded by a huge wave of players. Feng Xiao sighed. God knows how long it would take to get a quest from them.

Feng Xiao noticed that the only NPC people ignored was a bony old man sitting against a wall with his eyes shut. The old man’s appearance was that of a beggar, curled up in the corner as if he was a statue.

Feng Xiao thought this was abnormal. The system wouldn’t put a npc here if he didn’t serve any use. Maybe this old man held a huge secret. From his years of gaming experience it was usually these types of npc that gave out hidden quests.

Xiao immediately ran towards the old man smiling from ear to ear and said :”Hello elder, how may I help you? ”

The old man acted as if he was deaf, not even his eyebrow moved a muscle.

“Hello elder, is there something i can help you with? ”

Still no response, is this old man really deaf?

“Elder, would you like me to assist you in moving over there to sit down……”


“Elder, are you cold? ”

“Old man, there is a fly on your nose. ”

“Old man…………”


Feng Xiao, having nothing better to do bombarded the old man with questions for the next 30 minutes, with determination to ask until the old man responded.

Finally, the old man responded:

“Leave!!! ”

The roar was like a strike of lightning on a sunny day, causing Feng Xiao to stare at the old man with his mouth wide open as if he was stunned.

“Want something to do? Go find Lady Ma in the house opposite from me!! Otherwise, unless you find the Holy Water of Chaos, don’t come bother me! Get!!! ” (TN: Ma = horse, Its the NPC’s last name)

Feng Xiao shivered and quickly ran off. If he pissed off this old man and caused him to run around trying to kill him it would be the end of his gaming career .

Wait, what did he just say? Lady Ma? Holy water of chaos? Is this a hidden quest? But it doesn’t seem like I got a quest notification..

Feng Xiao looked in the opposite direction of the old man. There stood a house with a sealed door. No-one knew if there was anyone inside the house, but it seems players could not enter the house at this time.

Also what is this Holy Water of Chaos?

Feng Xiao walked gingerly back to the strange old man and quietly asked :”Elder, what is this Holy Water of Chaos you speak of? ”

“Get!!! ”

Feng Xiao immediately fled.

“The Mark of the Asura and The Saint’s Spirit actually appeared on the same person. It seems like years of being sealed away has confused my spirit creating such a ridiculous illusion.” Watching Feng Xiao’s figure run away, the strange old man muttered to himself

Feng Xiao came before the log cabin and knocked on the door.

One minute … …

Two minutes … …

Five minutes … …

Ten minutes … …

“If there’s someone inside they will have to come out someday, I don’t have anything better to do so I might as well wait here until they do . “Feng Xiao thought.

After 15 minutes, the door finally opened. An old lady’s head stuck out examining the surrounding area. The lady was around 40 years or so, her face a pale white, wearing messy cloths and having untidy hair.

“Excuse me young man, there is nothing to see here, please leave. “The lady’s voice was pleasant, but her tone was mixed with a hint of anger and impatience.

Feng Xiao was confused, realizing that she must have taken him for a regular player looking for a quest. The must have angered her with the non stop pestering.

Feng Xiao immediately walked up and asked: “Hello, are you Lady Ma? “

Lady Ma stopped for a moment showing a hint surprise and asked, “How do you know my name? ”

Haha, I have a chance! Feng Xiao hastened to explain: “Hello Madam, the old man opposite of you told me to come find you. Is there anything I can do for you?” Meanwhile, he pointed to the old man opposite of the house, secretly betting to see if the old man’s name held any meaning to her.

“Ah? You were introduced by the benefactor? Please come in, sorry for neglecting you earlier.” Hearing that he was sent by the old man, Mrs Ma attitude took a 180 degree turn. Hurriedly pulling Feng XIao into the house..

It’s this easy? Could it be that the old man really is a character?

Snapping the door shut, lady Ma turned around and stood there staring directly into Feng Xiao’s eyes, feeling her stare Feng Xiao felt a cold chill creep up.

Could it be that this middle-age woman wasn’t feeling satisfied in a “certain area” and seeing someone as handsome as myself caused her to have some naughty thoughts?! Once Feng Xiao thought of this situation, he felt cold sweat running down his back, planning that the moment something bad happened he would run. Being killed by a rabbit is a small thing but being forced into bed by a woman isn’t, of course excluding the beautiful ones.

Unexpectedly, lady Ma kneeled in front of Feng Xiao and wept: “Warrior, you have to save my husband……”

Startled Feng Xiao, hurriedly assisted lady Ma up: “What’s going on, i’ll help with whatever I can help with.”

The bigger the forest the more types of birds there are … … here’s someone on their knees begging him to accept a quest.(TN:Chinese analogy, pretty self explanatory)

Listening to lady Ma’s story, Feng Xiao finally understood what happened.

The villagers of Novice village are usually not able to walk out the village but Mrs Ma husband is an extremely curious person. After exploring every corner of Novice Village his greatest wish was to walk out of novice village to see the outside world. Eventually his wish came true.

The village elder, after countless years of experimenting, finally created 3 border defying teleportation scrolls along with 2 novice village return scrolls. The border defying teleportation scroll can take you anywhere within the Sky Dragon continent (Sky Dragon continent: region where chinese players reside, there is also Japan continent, Korea continent , America continent, Europe continent, France continent and so on covering hundreds of regions). Novice village scroll can return anyone back to Novice Village from any point in Sky Dragon continent. Once used the scroll will disappear forever.

Once lady Ma’s husband heard of this he immediately went to the village elder to ask for the scrolls. After pestering him for hours on end the village elder finally caved and gave him one of each scroll. Earlier this year him and the village elder both crushed a border defying scroll planning to tour Sky Dragon Continent.

The result was that both of them were teleported to different places. When the village elder finally found lady Ma’s husband he was barely alive. He could not respond to anything said to him and barely had a pulse. To put into modern medical terms he became a human vegetable.

The village elder was in shock and immediately searched him for his Novice Village return scroll, crushing it to send them both back to Novice Village. After they returned he asked everyone for a way to cure him but noone had a clue as to what disease he was infected with. One day his condition was noticed by the old man. His response was that his soul was taken by a strong dark type monster, and that after one week he would die for sure.

NPC are different from players. Players can be resurrected after death, at most losing a few levels plus some equipment. If an npc dies they will be forever erased from the game, unless they themselves have a strong self resurrection ability. Even if they are regenerated after death, they will not have any of the previous memories, completely changing their personality..

The old man then proceeded to cast a high level water spell on him, keeping his body safe from harm. He told them that the water spell would keep his body from rotting for one year but if his soul wasn’t returned in that one year time then even saint medication wouldn’t be enough to save him,

As for who the old man was, even lady Ma didn’t know. She only knew that he was there even before she was born, always dressed as a beggar..

“Warrior, can you help me to find my husband’s soul. ”

Ding, player Feng Hun:

Lady Ma request you help find her husband’s soul

Time allotted: six months

Penalty for failing to complete said quest: none

Do you accept this quest?

Feng Xiao was shocked, he didn’t know how to answer because this is an impossible task.

How could he find a monster that even the quest giver themselves did not know of. Even if he did get lucky enough and found this monster, how would he get his soul back? A soul isn’t something visible to the player and even if it was what would be capture and bring it back with?

Taking 10000 steps back, even if he found the monster and killed it for her husband’s soul how would be come back to Novice Village?

The only way a player could return to Novice Village was if they dropped below level 10.

Just thinking about it, a monster that is able to deprive someone of its own soul is probably a high level mob that would take a equally as strong player to kill. Who would suicide back to level 10 after fighting a monster of that caliber just to turn in a quest?

Is Feng Xiao a fool? I wouldn’t think so. .

“Accept.” Under the hopeful eyesight of Lady Ma, Feng Xiao didn’t have the heart to refuse her quest. There wasn’t a penalty to failing it anyways so he might as well accept it to make her feel better. Once he left Novice Village he won’t see her ever again so he wouldn’t be burdened by the guilt. .


Chapter 2 – From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 2 – From hell to heaven


“Analyzing DNA, binding successful … … analyzing brain waves, binding successful … … Analyzing retinal, binding successfully…… “


“Player name: Feng Xiao, Sex: Male, ID: xxxxxxxxxxx, Age: 21, Home Address: China, Beijing, Phoenix area, Server : China, do you confirm the information stated above?”


“Confirm.” I wouldn’t expect less from a system bound to the global gene lab, I bet if it wanted to it could pull up the information of my last 18 ancestors.


“Player information confirmed, player binding was successful. Engaging character creation mode. ”


“Please name your character. Your name can’t include any sort of insult and/or rebellious intent. The name can be no shorter than 2 characters and can contain a max of 20 characters. ”


“Feng Hun!” Feng Xiao shouted out the name he had already decided on beforehand, this name was of great significance to him.


“No duplication on search of name, Character naming successful. ”


“Please choose your starting class. Starter classes are divided into two roles; physical novice and magical novice. ”


“Physical novice.” Novices are divided into two classes: physical and magical, physical novices do not have any skills, their only means of damage is a regular cut attack, at level 10 they may enter the city and class change into any of the available physical classes there. Magical novices will start off with the talent to cast the lowest level mage skill in the game <elemental orb>, at level 10 they can enter the city and change to any of the magic classes there. .


“Class selection successful. Engaging stat distribution screen. Each player will have 50 initial stat points.   The system will now scan for the physical condition of the current player. This scan will determine your character’s current stats. Luck and Perception will both be random, ranging from 1-5, four basic properties will range from 1-20. ”


“Body scan in progress, please wait……”


<<Rebirth>> has a total of a 6 main Attributes, including:


Strength: influences your physical damage.


Constitution: influences your maximum health and defence


Agility: influences hit chance and dodge rate


Intelligence: influences magical damage and maximum mana.

Luck: influences critical change, drop rate of items, and the success of all actions in game. Due to this being a fixed stat it can’t be increased through stat distribution


Perception: influences the comprehension of skills and the rate at which you master them. This is a fixed stat, and once it is set it cannot be raised by any means.


Each of these stats will give different increases based on the class. For novices: 1 strength = 2 attack; 1 constitution = 10 max hp and 1 defence; 1 agility = 1 hit chance + 1 dodge; 1 intelligence = 10 max mana + 2 magical attack;


Feng Xiao has absolute confidence in his physical condition, patiently waiting for the scan results.


…… After a long time … …


Just as Feng Xiao was about to become impatient a voice finally broke the silence:


“An error occured while scanning for your physical condition, a rescan will now commence, please be patient……”


” An Error? Wasn’t it stated that <<Rebirth>> wouldn’t have any errors or bugs? Why did I have to find one so quick?” Feng Xiao wondered frowning.


…… After a long time … …


“An error occured while scanning for your physical condition, a rescan will now commence, please be patient……”




“……  a rescan will now commence, please be patient…… “




“……  a rescan will now commence, please be patient…… “






“Ascend company I swear to god … …”


If the Ascend system was a women Feng Xiao wouldn’t mind raping it then killing it then repeating the process. He had already been scanned by the system for an hour straight, every time displaying an error. The worst part was he couldn’t even exit while scanning was in progress.

(TN:After talking about it with my current editor we decided to leave this part in for integrity’s sake)


He was going crazy, Feng Xiao even started suspecting the gaming capsule Xiao Tian gave him was a fake product. (TN: Xiao tian = little sky)


Finally … …


“Physical scanning has shown an error … … body is unidentifiable. The character known as FengHun may manually distribute his attribute points, terribly sorry for the inconvenience we may have caused you. ”


Right before his eyes a white stat distribution table appeared, it read from top to bottom Strength, Constitution, Agility, Intelligence, Luck, Perception, each with one red + and a yellow + symbol after it


You can assign your own stats? And it seems you can even add points into the two fixed stats! Even the game is on my side this time! Feng Xiao smiled from ear to ear, his discontent swept away instantly.


Manual stat distribution allows you to perfect distribute stats based on your class  not wasting a single  stat points, in the early game this is a game breaking advantage, Feng Xiao immediately began to think of a perfect way to spent his points.


Eventually, he decided on 20 in Agility, 10 in Constitution, 10 in Luck, and 10 in Perception. A while back he had already decided to go the class route towards the Death God of the Night. Agility and Constitution are essential, even though he didn’t know what luck and perception were really used for, he decided to put 10 points in both due to them being fixed stats. General players could only randomly assign 1-5 points in each, so having 10 points in both stats should give him a big advantage.(TN: Im assuming the Death god of the night is the final class for rogues).


Feeling comfortable with his stat distribution, Feng Xiao’s finger pressed the yellow + symbol behind Perception adding 10 points to the stat … …


“Your stat points are allocated, do you want to confirm the creation of your current character? ”


“What?! Wait… … Wait a minute, I only just put 10 points in Perception. “Feng Xiao was stunned: The system isn’t broken right?


“…… player Feng Hun, you have successfully assigned 50 points to Perception. “The system replied.


“I just pressed it 10 times, how does that equal 50? ”


“Red plus sign is for adding 1 point at a time, the yellow + sign is for adding five points at a time, you pressed the yellow + 10 times using up all your points. ”


“…… Fuck! Why was there no explanation starting off, I refuse, I want to redistribute my stats!” Feng Xiao came close losing it, who would think the game would come up with such a retarded system. Does the game want him to go off adventuring with only 50 points in Perception? Just due to the fact that he has 0 in constitution he would spawn with 0 hp. He would just die the moment he spawned in game, endlessly repeating the cycle.


“Attributes cannot be changed after being distributed, you can choose to delete your current character and make a new one in the following month.”


“……” In order for <<Rebirth>> to keep the game fair there are many restrictions during character creation, making it so that you have to wait over a month after character deletion before making a new one..


Feng Xiao became depressed. <<Rebirth>> receptionist No. 555555 felt even more so. Other receptionists already assisted multiple novices without running into any problems but she had to meet this freak named Feng Xiao whose body was not identifiable in any way. Only after confronting the mastermind did she think of letting him distribute his own stat points. In a hurry she had created an attribute distribution table. Feeling charitable, she even made two shortcut keys to make adding stats easier for him… … which eventually lead to Feng Xiao accidentally adding all his attribute points to the Perception.


“Do you confirm the creation of your current character, or would you like to delete said character.”


“Confirm!” Feng Xiao even started having thoughts of suicide … … He no longer had a choice, he could only delete this current character and respec a month later, but first he could at least enter novice village and experience the feeling of virtual reality.


I’m writing a complaint! I’m going to go directly to the Ascend company with this!!


“Character ‘Feng Hun’ has been successfully created!”


“Congratulations Feng Hun, due to your attribute point being 0 while having a high perception you’ve received the hidden skill ‘ <Strength God’s Pity>. ”


“Congratulations Feng Hun, due to your attribute point being 0 while having a high perception you’ve received the hidden skill ‘<Defence God’s Pity> ‘.”


“Congratulations Feng Hun, due to your attribute point being 0 while having a high perception you’ve received the hidden skill ‘ <Speed God’s Pity> ”


“Congratulations Feng Hun, due to your attribute point being 0 while having a high perception you’ve received the hidden skill ‘ <Magic God’s Pity>. ”


“Congratulations Feng Hun, due to your attribute point being 0 while having a high perception you’ve received the hidden skill ‘ <Luck God’s Pity>. ”


<Strength God’s Pity>: Advance passive skill, can only be learned by characters with high Perception but 0 in Strength. Effect: Strength +1, everytime you level up gain 1 strength.


<Defence God’s Pity>: Advance passive skill, can only be learned by characters with high Perception but 0 in Constitution. Effect: Constitution + 1, everytime you level up gain 1 Constitution


<Speed God’s Pity>: Advanced passive skill … … … … Effect: Agility + 1, everytime you level up gain 1 Agility


<Magic God’s Pity>: Advanced passive skill … … … … Effect: Intelligence + 1, everytime you level up gain 1 intelligence


<Luck God’s Pity>: Advanced passive skill … … … … Effect: Luck + 1, everytime you level up gain 1 Luck


Feng Xiao was put into a state of shock that grew with each new notification, but they still continued to display:


“Your soul energy has awakened, you have learned the unique hidden skill <Eye of the soul>”

(TN: Unique skills can only be learned by one person)


“…… for unknown reasons, XuanYuan sword recognizes you as its owner. You have successfully started the final mission—<Rebirth>, prestige  +100.”


Feng Xiao mouth was opened so wide you could fit a rhinoceros inside, not only did he not dead, he was also rewarded a bunch of overpowered abilities … … he even obtained the xuanyuan Jian–what the hell is going on, it was as if he had obtained every benefit in the world.


“Is anyone around to tell me I’m dreaming! ”


Feng Xiao knew better than anyone what the XuanYuan sword stood for: The second most powerful item in the top 10 godly artifacts of the east, a symbol of the world’s most powerful force!


In the legends of China, the chinese also had a XuanYuan sword, ranking first in china’s top 10 saint weapons. Feng Xiao is one of the few people who knows and believes in this legend. China’s Xuan Yuan is also one of his most important life goals.


“Would you like to enter the game?”


“Enter! “Creating a character wasted more than two hours. He tried to calm himself, but Feng Xiao couldn’t help but be excited.


A bright light flashed by and Feng Xiao was transferred to No. 99999 Novice village.


“Welcome player Feng Hun to Novice village No. 99999. After level 10 you can leave Novice village to change your class in the city, I wish you a happy experience. ”


Not giving himself anytime to enjoy the environment around him, Feng Xiao hurriedly opened up his backpack. The system said it gave him a free XuanYuan sword. Just thinking about it made his blood boil.


His backpack — was actually empty!


“Fuck, where is my XuanYuan sword. Didn’t it recognize me as its owner?” Feng Xiao unwillingly flipped through his backpack multiple times, not finding a single thing.


Finally, Feng Xiao gave up, and thought while grinding his teeth: “I knew the system wouldn’t let me have such a strong weapon for free. I was only being teased!


Pushing away the thought of the XuanYuan sword, Feng Xiao pulled up his Attribute page:


Character name: Feng Hun


Occupation: Novice (Physical)


Guild: None


Level: 0


Prestige: 100


Gold: 0


Basic properties: Strength: 1, Constitution 1, Agility: 1, Intelligence 1,


Fixed properties: Luck: 1, Perception: 50


Life: 10


Mana: 10


Attack: 7 (Novice dagger given by the system gives +5 attack.)


Magic attack: 2


Defense: 7 (Novice Cloth armor given by the system gives +5 defence.)


Hit chance: 1


Dodge: 1


Attack speed: normal


Movement speed: 30 (Everyone’s initial value)


Reaction speed: 147 (Based off the player’s reaction speed in real life)


Pets: none


Mount: none


Fire resistance: 0%


Water resistance: 0%


Wind resistance: 0%


Thunder resistance: 0%


Earth series resistance: 0%


Light resistance: 0%


Dark resistance: 0%




<Strength God’s Pity>


<Defence God’s Pity>


<Speed God’s Pity>


<Magic God’s Pity>


<Luck God’s Pity>


<Eye of the soul>: Skill level 1  0%,  Advance active growing skill, a long lost ancient soul ability with a mysterious power, currently in an incomplete state, can only unleash a small part of its power.


Effect: Use your mind to open a eye in the sky scouting the current area, effective range of 10m, no Mana cost.


Feng Xiao was very satisfied with his current attributes. Although his current stats were trash compared to other players, his growth would leave everyone else in the dust, particularly the <Eye of the soul> skill. It’s a very practical skill that could be useful in almost every situation.


With his current attributes killing monsters must take forever but he wanted to test it out anyways. Feng Xiao slashed his novice dagger in the air and ran towards the monsters outside the village.


Chapter 1 – Stereotypical Start

July 1, 2209, early summer morning, at the Chinese capital.

“Welcome to the world of <<Rebirth>>, there is 35 minutes before the game launches. Please be patient.”

Feng Xiao reluctantly exited the gaming capsule and started browsing the game’s main website, searching for any information that might be useful.

As someone who is frequently unemployed and usually bored out of his mind, Feng Xiao can’t even remember how many different MMOs he’s played. He had never looked forward to playing a game this much before, not only because of <<Rebirth>> unprecedented characteristics, but also because of a prophecy provided by his father, which are usually so accurate it’s creepy.

<<Rebirth>> is a virtual reality MMORPG whose appearance was very sudden. A year ago, over 30 countries suddenly began to advertise <<Rebirth>>. Their support for the game can only be described as unprecedented. TV, internet, magazines, billboards, buses, roadside telephone poles, and even public toilets; almost everywhere where people existed there was a shadow of <<Rebirth>>.

What was even more shocking was that the people behind the advertisements were the governments themselves. Soon after releasing the advertisements, the governments announced breaking news: The writer and developer of the game was “Wreaths”. The release of such information pushed the popularity of <<Rebirth>> to an unprecedented height. The game hasn’t even launched and yet its support has already reached appalling proportions.

Seriously, you don’t know “Wreaths”? Are you sure you’re not an alien?

With a global network coverage of 99% in the 23rd century, almost all of communication, information, living, transportation, and military depends on it. If anyone was capable of destroying a nation’s network coverage, they would be described as an absolute horror.

“Wreaths” is such a presence.

“Wreaths” appeared in the Network World 20 years ago and no one knew how she appeared. There is speculation that she was created by a super-intelligent network program that formed into a spiritual being. , Others say she was made from many other programs with the sole purpose of being the ruler of order. But the undisputed fact is that she is the God of the network, an omnipotent God. In the network, she can easily control any area in the online world.

“Wreaths” appearance made the people of the world go from a state of surprise, to defense, to welcome , and eventually led to fervent worship and respect, because of her appearance, she thoroughly eliminate the world’s dirtiest places on the network and most importantly, she played a pivotal role in the maintenance of world peace.

In the year of 2188, over 200 elite American hackers launched a malicious attack on China’s network of military secrets. “Wreaths” image appeared for the first time in the Network World; wearing a white veil covering her face and body. Through the monitor she warned all the malicious attackers, instantly blocked their IP and released a portion of America’s military secrets to warn the rest of the world.

In the year of 2190, Japan started to suppress a small country in East Asia for no reason. “Wreaths” appeared to warn them of their actions. Japan responded but kept up the attacks, and “Wreaths”, angered by Japan’s actions, paralyzed the network throughout all of japan until they stopped the attacks and apologized. Japan economy was forced to stay stagnant for the next 3 years due to this 20-hour network paralysis.

2194 … …

2195 … …


In the 23rd century, you can not know who the president of the United States is, you can not know a snail crawls slower than a turtle, but you can’t not know “Wreaths” name, because she is respected by everyone in the world, an idol for all.

A game written by her is enough to make everyone around the world look forward to its launch.

According to the game’s official advertisement, <<Rebirth>> has the following features:

  1. <<Rebirth>> runs on a platform prepared by “Wreaths”. Its sense of reality can reach up to 99%, a first of its kind, and can also accommodate 100 billion players simultaneously without lag. The game is solely run by the online gaming alliance company Ascend. All gaming equipment will be developed, monitored, and controlled by said company
  1. <<Rebirth>>, in the spirit of being fair and impartial, has given all control to the AI of the Ascend company, making it so that GMs and all external factors cannot influence how the game operates. The Ascend system is developed by “Wreaths”, and once the game launches no one can touch the game data to make changes. All changes and/or updates are handled by “Wreaths” herself.
  1. <<Rebirth>> is the first mmorpg backed by the government so the Ascend Group has decided to release an in game currency that follows the actual currency exchange rates of the top 10 World Banks. The exchange rate will be 1 gold to 1 RMB (TN: RMB is the currency that China uses)
  1. Gaming equipment can be classified into 2 products: a portable gaming helmet and a portable gaming capsule. The global price for the helmet is set at 100 RMB and the price for the gaming capsule is set at 100,000 RMB. Game capsules can be folded into the size of a suitcase making them easy to carry around, and they also support the injection of nutrient fluid into the human body in the game so that players will not become tired or become hungry, for as long as one a month.
  1. the gaming equipment will go on sale June 1, 2209, each person can only have one set of gaming equipment which will be binded with the user’s identity. The game will be launched July 1, 2209, at 8am for all of the world to enjoy.

Therefore, with the announcement of <<Rebirth>>, the world fell into a frenzy. The few online companies looking to invest in VR gaming gradually moved on to other investments. Do you think you can compete with <<Rebirth>>? You must be out of your mind.

A month ago, countries simultaneously started selling gaming equipment. China started distribution in various retail stores and although everyone was prepared, the popularity of the game still startled them. In just three days time, a total of 100 million gaming helmet and 10000 gaming capsules were sold to the public. As of June 30, China sold over 500 million gaming devices, covering over one-third of the Chinese population, and the number was only going to increase. The only ones not interested in the game were the people who were so old all their teeth have fallen out and those who were so young they haven’t grown teeth at all. Almost everyone had the gaming equipment. The number of sales in other countries were no less than the those in China. Being only a meager 100RMB per helmet, nobody had a reason to refuse. So most people at least giving the game a shot.

2209, 7:55AM, 5 minutes from launch, Feng Xiao eagerly climbed into the gaming capsule. The early bird catches the worm as the saying goes. There might even be a special reward for the first few people to enter the game he thought to himself. Feng Xiao’s main goal was to be the best in <<Rebirth>>, and he was willing to try anything that might benefit him.

“Welcome to the world of <<Rebirth>>, there are 5 minutes remaining before game launch, please be patient. ”

“………… Please be patient. ”

“………… Please be patient. ”



“10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … … 2 … 1 … 0 ”

Feng Xiao only felt a Flash of white light and was already delivered to a strange void. The space was flooded with light in various shapes. Colors from the lights in the void struck each other, shining brighter than ever before. The light pierced straight through the depths of his soul making him feel relaxed. At the same time he heard a voice say to him in a majestic tone:

“Welcome to the world of <<Rebirth>>, because it’s your first time launching the game we will be scanning for your identity, please wait……”

At the same time … …

At the center of the Chinese capital, stands the tallest building in all of china. It is the biggest retail and entertainment centre in China. It is also where the rich spend all their money, but little do people know that at the top floor of this lavish place of entertainment, there is a elegant study full of antiques. The reason for this is because it is forbidden for almost everyone to step foot on this floor. There are no more than 10 people who have the privilege to come to this floor.

“Executive, <<Rebirth> launched throughout the world 10 minutes ago. Things are going as we expected, but we predict that public entertainment is going to take a huge plummet for a long period of time. Rest assured it will not affect the roots. ”

The master of the voice seemed old, but his voice remained steady and forceful, full of energy, as he reported the current results to the man in front of him .

Standing at the window of the study is a middle-aged man with scimitar like eyebrows. His brow was slightly locked, seeming distressed, but was unable to hide his domineering demeanor. He stood overlooking the city’s prosperity with the spirit of someone who is well above everyone else.

“Wang Bo, just call me master as before. Always changing the way you call me makes it seem like we are more distant.” Longwei said as he turned around smiled. From the earliest time he could remember, this kind old man, had dedicated his life to take care of his daily needs until he became China’s youngest top executive, never marrying and having children. For the Dragon House, he contributed his whole life.(TN: Long = dragon, also executive is the same status as the president)

“Yes, master. “The elder said excitedly .

“Master, will her method really work? ”

“Maybe. For now it seems to be the best solution, at least in the game nobody will die. Besides, do we really have a choice? ”


“China’s gradual growth  has started to cause panic in some two faced countries. The Japan issue is only an excuse for them. The Summit a year ago was exactly the opportunity they needed to suppress China, and if not for  ‘Wreaths’ sudden appearance on the screen in the meeting hall, our China would probably be at war with those countries already.. ”

“This time, ‘Wreaths’ is helping us? ”

Long Wei said after a moment of silence: “Back in the day, Yie Huang Tian massacred many experts in Japan, stunning the world, but it also left Japan with an opportunity due to everyone knowing about this event. In the conference one year ago Japan brought this back up again. Fuelled by other crafty people the issue was pushed to the point of our experts being ‘enemies of the world’ and ‘against humanity’. In the circumstances, we were at an absolute disadvantage. This time it was  ‘Wreaths’ who helped us come to a temporary agreement for the issue.”

“Master, that you can’t blame Yie Huang Tian, after all……”

“I understand.” Longwell interrupted Wang Bo’s words, depressed: “If I didn’t have the mission of carrying China’s safety on my shoulders I’m afraid I would have killed more people than he did … … After all it was my son that died… …The Dragon House heritage is also now cut off from my generation … … ”

Long Wei’s body started trembling. Even though more than 20 years have passed, every time he remembers what happened, the gut wrenching hate still makes him lose control for a moment.

“Master … …”

“It’s ok now Wang Bo, why don’t you go rest, we have some visitors.” The mindset coming from years of perseverance caused him to calm down soon after .

“Yes, master. “Wang Bo turned and left the study.

The moment the door was shut, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Long Wei. It was a woman in a black leotard with a mask covering her face, the outfit perfectly showing off her flamboyant body. Even though he could not tell the age and facial features of the person, it didn’t reduce the charm of the lady. The woman said with a smile: “Dragon uncle, you’re able to sense my presence so soon, your skill is going to catch up with Yie Uncle soon.”

Long Wei laughed: “Little girl, stop trying compliment me. Even 100 of me won’t be enough to beat that monster. Have you seen the person you wanted to see? ”

“Yes, but I still won’t tell you who he is. Hee hee ~ ~ I’ve come here today to say goodbye to Dragon uncle. It will be a long time before we meet again.” The Girl’s voice has a natural charm; even in front of the person with the most power in all of China she wasn’t shy or nervous .

“Ok little girl you can go now. Small Sky and Ice are waiting for you. Just now Small Sky complained to me, but when I told him this is your Yie uncle’s decision he acted like a good kid and stopped talking, haha.”

“My little brother waited a whole year for <<Rebirth>>, but was pulled to practice the day it launches. If he didn’t cry I would have thought it was strange. ”

“Goodbye Dragon uncle, Xiao Tong Ying will never let you down……”

Her flamboyant body disappeared in the study, leaving behind only a peculiar expressioned Long Wei.

The person with the most power in China, respected by millions of people as the Supreme Executive, wiped the nonexistent sweat off his head: “Phew, finally sent away that devil woman … … but I don’t know who is the unlucky lad that has to deal with her.”

In the unknown void, a young girl covered by white light is swimming alone in a colorful world. After a long time, the girl let out a sigh: “50,000 years, and my mission is about to be finished … …Will the person in the prophecy really appear?”